United Socialist States of America

Commentary on the Health Care Act.

We have now officially, with consent of the SCOTUS, socialized 25% of the US economy. If we consider all business entities that are dependent on the medical industry, I would bet it to be even more.

Should we really be surprised? Since the ratification of the 16th amendment, we have systematically made a gradual progression (or regression) from a free market economy into a socialist economic system. This has been pushed along by those in power. We have been conditioned to think as profit as an evil word, made to believe we are entitled to certain things that we are not, and guilt tripped into apologizing for success. In other words, initiative, hard work, and enjoying the fruits of such activities are no longer a positive and respected American trait.

Maybe Marx was correct in his predictions that socialism was a natural evolution from capitalism…or maybe those in power, who are well versed in Marx, are pushing the system towards those ends. Either way, I still maintain that socialism is not a viable economic system. The private sector creates wealth and initiative mixed with innovation is its fuel. From each according to skill; to each according to need does not work. Those who have the skill lose the initiative to provide for those who have the need…eventually, the needy become the majority. The easier path is just that, easier. Those with skill become few and far between…eventually leaving the system for a more conducive environment.

So, what is my goal or main point in writing this post? Mostly to vent at the ignorance or blindness of the general public, but more importantly, to possibly spawn thought. Yes, we could probably survive without capitalism, but we sure as hell cannot thrive.


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One response to “United Socialist States of America

  • Patricia Legg Mullis

    my comment? This crap has been coming for a long time…I predicted it 30 years ago…nobody listened, or cared, then. And they don’t listen or care now that it is happening. Rome fell…and it was unbelievable at the time. The U.S.A. will fall and it will be unbelievable now. But it is coming…and I fear for my children and grandchildren. I do pray that I do not live long enough to see it…I feel for them. I feel sorrow and pain…but nobody cares.

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